The Story of Molly and Melody

Have you ever been in a disagreement with a friend? Formed a friendship with someone unexpected? Forgiven someone who upset you? As humans, complexity is expected in our relationships. But it’s often overlooked in animals. 


Molly and Melody are a beautiful example of two animals who just needed some time to figure things out. These two pigs started their lives in a remarkably similar way. Both jumped- or fell- off separate transport trucks that would’ve likely taken them to be raised for slaughter. Molly hit the ground hard, fracturing her leg and suffering painful road burns. Miraculously, this happened around the same time. Introductions with young piglets are typically easy. With such similar backgrounds, and at nearly the same age, we thought they were a match made in heaven. 

But Molly and Melody thought otherwise. No one really knows why, but they just didn’t like each other. Their initial introduction was so difficult that they had to spend a great deal of the first few weeks completely separated. Like all animals, Molly and Melody have unique personalities. And both piglets made it known that there was only room for ONE big personality at Animal Place! 


We didn’t know if they’d ever get along. There are some things that cannot be forced.


But at some point, things shifted. What happened in the minds of these two piglets, we’ll never really know. But Molly and Melody began to see each other differently. Almost three years later, they’re inseparable. Molly and Melody spend their days napping alongside each other, or roaming the pastures shoulder-to-shoulder. What shifted?

Good things often take time. And animal friendships are no different. Animal introductions may not always turn out like Disney movies, but there is beauty in their complexity. And we’re grateful that Molly and Melody found love in one another!

Written by Chelsea Pinkham

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