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The Trouble with Easter

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Rabbit Beatrix, rescued from abandonment. Countless rabbits are abandoned following Easter.

In the months following Easter, animal rescuers prepare for a plea as old as time. Those of countless people who purchased baby rabbits, chicks or ducklings and regret their decision. They soon realize the enormous commitment that comes with caring for these animals once the “cute” begins to wear off.

Rabbits, ducks and chickens all have lifespans of at least 10-12 years. Yes, they’re adorable! But they also require specialized care, veterinary bills, and a lifelong commitment.

No matter the species, we encourage you to research before making the decision of bringing an animal into your life.

A child’s legal guardians should always be on board with participating in animal care.

Remember, a child who begs for a baby bunny and promises to feed them every day could go off to college during that rabbit’s lifetime!

Children’s interests change with time. Many children sadly “grow out” of their desire to care for animals. While caring for an animal can be a rewarding experience for a child, it must be done with adult supervision and family participation.

If a family does make the informed decision to bring a companion animal home, adopting is the humane choice. Consider fostering an animal for your local rescue group! This can help you test how equipped your family is to provide them with care.

As fun as the idea of a new animal friend might be, sometimes the kindest decision you can make is to resist the temptation to go out and get one. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to vegan chocolate bunnies instead!