Vote for Animal Place & Shelby for Best in Shelter!

Thank you – your vote won Animal Place $50,000 for the 2016 Rescue & Medical Fund!


Animal Place is the proud recipient of $50,000 as part of author Martha Grimes competition Best in Shelter and Sanctuary. Thanks to the generosity and dedication of our supporters, Animal Place won top prize, $50,000, which will go towards our Rescue & Medical Fund. Every year, we save thousands – broken souls who have known only suffering and cruelty are repaired and loved at our sanctuaries.

Thank you to everyone who voted. Your support means the world to us. You can see firsthand how the Rescue & Medical Fund helps. Read about Rita and Shelby, two recipients of funds from the Rescue & Medical Fund.

“We love our friends and followers,” says Kim Sturla, executive director, “Their love for Animal Place’s work shines through, and we are reminded of their generosity in a moment like this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

All of us at Animal Place thank you…and a special thank you to Martha Grimes for selecting Animal Place as one of seven participating sanctuaries.


Shelby is running for President (#Shelby2016) but she needs your votes now in another contest, the

Best in Shelter and Sanctuary contest!

Created in 2011 by mystery writer Martha Grimes, Best in Shelter, is a nonprofit organization created to encourage pet adoption from local shelters and rescue organizations. In 2012, Best in Shelter celebrated dog adoption with its first online pet adoption competition. In 2014, it followed with a virtual cat show.

“In the present competition, we are shifting focus and turning what we hope is the same bright beam on the conditions of farm animals,” said Martha Grimes.

If Animal Place wins Best in Shelter & Sanctuary, we will use the prize money to add to our Rescue Fund, which will be used specifically to liberate animals from cruelty and provide them lifelong care.

If we win Favorite Farm Animal (#Shelby), we will use the money to build a second cow shelter to keep the cows dry and warm in the winter!

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Voting is easy, but you will need a Facebook account to do it. To vote, follow these easy instructions:

1. Visit the Best in Shelter and Sanctuary contest page

2. Scroll down past Shelby’s cute face and click on the “Vote Now” button, which brings you to the competition page.

3. Vote for Animal Place in the sanctuary category and Shelby in the animal category. You can vote twice a day (once for each category) for the duration of the contest, so come back and vote again!

4. When you select the “Login to vote” button, you will be prompted to log into your Facebook account. Your vote will be registered when you select the “cast your vote” button and the button will turn into a “you have voted” notice.


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