What your donation has done

See how your contribution funds our work!

You Provide Relief in Emergencies
In the midst of this global crisis, your support keeps us hopeful. Your donations ensure that 380 rescued residents are given top-notch care. Calves Samuel and Sterling receive regular feedings of milk replacer to help them thrive. The chickens enjoy clean barns with fresh straw every day. Sick or injured animals are given the medical attention and care needed. Now, more than ever it is your support that makes our work possible.

You Keep Senior Animals Comfortable As animal residents get older many require additional support and medical assistance. Because of you, we can provide the elder individuals with just that! 17-yr-old goat Jessica and 17-yr-old pot-bellied pig Olivia move comfortably thanks to their pain medication. Bovines Summer and Nicholas get relief from their arthritis. Your support allows our older residents to stay comfortable and enjoy life.

Panda and Friends Get Vaccinated
With your help, Panda and the cow herd got vaccinations this spring! They also received routine deworming as basic quarterly parasite prevention. Both vaccinations and deworming treatment are essential to keeping the cows healthy and happy.

Sheep Flock Get Haircuts
Many of the sheep residents have unnaturally thick wool, due to centuries of humans breeding for this trait. In the warmer months, their coats become extremely uncomfortable. This April, they received their annual haircuts! Their coats were gently shaved off, so they will stay comfortable and cool in the summer. Your donations helped fund this!

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