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3 Reasons This Lamb Wins at Life

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From hobbled and tethered in a box truck to strutting and frolicking at sanctuary!

G.G. Wins at LifeTethered and hobbled in a box truck located on 27-acres of impounded vehicles, little G.G. must have felt alone and afraid. The only human she knew had chained her inside the truck, barely offering her enough food and water to survive. Wasting away, G.G.’s only means of expressing herself came in the form of stomping her little hooves.

The owner of the impound center, Bob Connor noticed a rank smell from a truck. He peered in and saw nothing. Assuming someone had dumped garbage in the vehicle, he walked away. Then he head the staccato stamping of something or, in this case, someone and investigated further.

Those stompy, angry hooves are reason #1 G.G. wins at life. Had she stayed silent, her fate would have been different (through no fault of her own – she deserved saving silent or not). G.G. is only 5-7 months old…it is likely the person keeping her planned on killing and eating her.

An email from our friends at the East Bay SPCA alerted us to G.G. Within hours, plans were made to transport her to our Grass Valley sanctuary. Mr. Connor made it his mission to see G.G. safely to Animal Place.

G.G. Wins At LifeG.G. arrived and found herself in a gorgeous, green pasture…it was her first time touching grass and running free! We immediately noticed reason #2 G.G. wins at life – her tail! Did you know most farmers cut off the tails of lambs when they are only 1-10 days old? Lucky for G.G. she keeps her tail and can compete with Aiden for “best looking tail.”

Reason #3 G.G. wins at life? Being free. G.G. raced across the pasture and spent hours investigating her new home. And soon, she will meet other sheep and learn what it is to have family.

For G.G., it took one person to transform her life. It took one person putting their compassion into action.

G.G. is malnourished and may suffer from internal parasites. She will be evaluated by a veterinarian while we ensure she is well-fed. This holiday season, G.G.’s freedom is the best present!


G.G. Wins At Life

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  1. juliet says:

    Thank you for rescuing this sweet ,dear being, G.G.. I am touched and encouraged. It offers momentum to my life as a vegan, humbly now, finally over the addiction to meat. it takes many years for the cravings to go away yet, the knowledge of WHO is on a plate at any given time has stayed with me for these past 3 decades and my heart is filled with love and affection for all animals. I do my best to send love to the Ranchers who are still ignorant to the horrors they subject our family members to still. Thank you ,thank you , thank you and please give G.G. a kiss for me. Also, I thought i knew a lot but I did not know about the beautiful tails sheep naturally have. One day we will see our dream come true, all hearts open and loving and tenderly caring for all animals and people and plants, etc.
    Peace to you,