Abused Lamb Loses Leg

October 29, 2011 – 

Grass Valley, CA –

Carmen, the young lamb, is lucky to be alive. At two days-old, she broke her leg on a small, family farm in rural Nevada County. For the next two weeks, the lamb limped and stumbled around the six-acre farm on a broken, infected leg. At no point did the property owners provide veterinary care, choosing instead to let the lamb fend for herself.

Finally, a neighbor intervened and convinced the farm owners to sign custody of the sheep over to Animal Place, a sanctuary for neglected and abused farmed animals in Grass Valley.

“We immediately rushed the lamb to UC Davis,” Jamie London, Animal Care Manager, “She spent a week receiving intense medical care, including two emergency surgeries. Despite our best efforts, the leg was so badly infected, so broken, that it had died and needed to be amputated.”

After a week, Carmen was ready to come home. Despite her physical impediment, she tries to act like a young lamb – leaping up on caregivers and playfully head-butting volunteers.

“Carmen puts up with a lot from us, including fitting her with a temporary prosthetic leg made out of a paper towel roll!” Marji Beach, Education Manager, “We’d really like to upgrade it to a real prosthetic so she will have the best chances at a long life.”

Because Carmen is young, she will need several specially fitted prosthetic legs until adulthood. Animal Place will ensure she receives all the care she requires, and is asking the public to help by donating towards Carmen’s medical fund.

The small, family farm was inspected by animal control and deemed to be in compliance with all laws, despite the fact that Carmen’s broken and infected leg was left untreated for two weeks. Although farm animals are protected by California’s state anti-cruelty statutes, the reality is that these laws are rarely enforced when farm animals are the victims of cruelty and neglect.

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