Aly: Face of the Rescue Medical Fund

She was born on a “humane” pig farm. Open pastures, time with her mother, no intense confinement. It is the kind of farm consumers believe is better.

Not for her. As a runt, she never received enough milk. As a runt, she never got enough warmth. As a runt, she became sick.

This “humane” farm is still a farm, a business that profits from raising animals to sell for slaughter. To them, being ill meant she no longer held value. No efforts made to take her to a veterinarian or to heal her.

Instead, she was left to die.

Like so many individuals who come to us, the actions of one person changed everything for this small, frail piglet. One person scooped her fragile body up and took her home.

Alysoun is who the Rescue Medical Fund was created for – animals with no other place to go, who need our help. A $25 goes toward the freeing and initial care of a farmed animal in need.

Alysoun (Aly) survived and arrived atour sanctuary as a delightful 4-month-old piglet. We knew her value was not in price per pound.

Aly became close friends with another pig, Bert, who has a similar story of survival. He broke into a neighbor’s yard in urban Sacramento. Animal control confiscated him from the original owner, who had planned to kill the young piglet.

Recently, Aly suffered a traumatic leg injury that required rushing her to UC Davis’ Veterinary Hospital for surgery, hospitalization and treatment.

The veterinarians sutured the wound, inserted drains, and put her on strong antibiotics and pain medication. She spent two nights in intensive care before returning to the sanctuary.

Providing intensive medical care is costly. Your help is needed to re-supply the Rescue Medical Fund. A donation of $50 provides much-needed antibiotics and pain-relief to animals like Aly!

After Aly returned home, she was put on stall rest, which meant separation from her best pig friend, Bert. Each day, her bandage removed and a new one applied…no easy feat with a 450-lb fast-moving pig!

Three weeks later, our veterinarian anesthetized Aly, thoroughly disinfected and cleansed her wound, and removed the dead tissue.

Her skin is slowly re-growing and once fully healed, Aly will be re-integrated with her best friend Bert.

We rely on your support to heal animals like Aly. You keep the Rescue Medical Fund full for the hundreds of animals who benefit from it annually. Your $100 donation helps cover the hospitalization of animals throughout the year.


Please give today so that Aly and her friends will get the treatment and care they deserve in 2019.


With compassion,

Kim Sturla

Executive Director


PS: All it takes is $50 to keep the Rescue Medical Fund full for 2019!

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