Bert, The Little Piglet Who Could

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July 27 2016 Robert BA (1 of 1)



July 27 2016 Robert AWT (1 of 1)This is Bert. He would have been yet another victim of animal agriculture, if not for his brave actions. Finding a gap in the fence, Bert made a break for it into a neighbor’s yard. He was accompanied by a sibling. The neighbor called animal control, which confiscated both piglets. Bert’s brother perished, before we could help.

Bert requires around-the-clock care. Animal care director, Hannah, gets up every two hours to feed him and has even taken to sleeping with him to ensure he stays warm. Piglets are unable to regulate their body temperature. To be honest, we waited as long as possible to share Bert’s story. He arrived frail, suffering from seizures caused by poor temperature regulation. Only after two weeks in our care have we seen the kind of improvement needed to share his survival.

If you would like to help Bert become a healthy 800-pound adult, donate toward his care. A $15 gift is all it takes to help Bert thrive. More importantly, if you believe Bert’s life is important and that he deserves sanctuary…go vegan!

Once he recovers, he will join a herd and live out his days at our sanctuary.

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