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Bob The CalfShh, don’t tell Mortimer, but he has competition in the “cutest calf” department! Meet Bob, Mortimer’s new best friend and Animal Place’s recent rescue.

Confiscated from a rancher by Nevada County Animal Care and Control, Bob’s mom couldn’t stand up, let alone walk. Ill and dying, she needed immediate veterinary assistance. Our local veterinarian, Dr. Mather assisted the cow as she gave birth and provided emergency care to the mother.

A moment came when the cow, spurred by maternal instinct, struggled to get up and bellowed for her calf. Little Bob cried back. It seemed nothing could calm the two until Dr. Mather began bottle-feeding Bob. His mother relaxed, comforted by the sight of her calf being fed.

Animal Place offered to welcome both cow and calf to the sanctuary. Tragically, the mother died – a victim of neglect. While we cannot provide the knowledge and care a mother cow can, we can ensure Bob grows up healthy, strong, and part of a growing herd of sanctuary bovines. His arrival came at an opportune time for Mortimer, a calf abandoned by his mom on a farm. The two are best friends.

Bob is a big fan of the bouncy ball that came with Mortimer (he loves it too). Bob likes to challenge the ball to daily duels.

Bob The Calf

Bob The Calf