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Chicken Adoption Booklet

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Download our Chicken Adoption Booklet!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to properly care for chickens? As the only organization in the nation that regularly rescues thousands of chickens each year, we put together a Chicken Adoption and Care booklet and are making it free to download. Just fill out the form below.

It includes information on enrichment, proper housing and feeding, basic medical care, and information about our adoption program. Interested in adopting chickens and live in California? If you are already prepared for chickens, apply to adopt. If you are not sure what’s involved in caring for chickens, our Booklet will enlighten you! We host adoption events throughout the state.



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  1. Nicole Heindryckx says:

    Having your own chickens is a very enriching experience. I live in Belgium / Europe, and each year we got little chickens from a farmer who only kept chickens for the egg production. I remember that the 1 days old chickens were brought to him by the ompany and that a surveyor came over after a couple of weeks, and all the roosters were taken out. We could buy them for a ridiculous amount. Each time we took 8 or 10 of them, and they lived in a free space, with a concrete shelter against rain etc.. It was very relaxing to see them pick up their daily food. We gave them all sorts of vegetable waste, left overs, etc.. together with a daily portion of grains and corn. They were very healthy and happy roosters. We had to keep them for at least 8/9 months, before they were big enough to be slaughtered. I have never since then, eaten such tasty and firm chicken meat. And we had much less waste from the kitchen. A win/win situation, recommendable for all people who have a garden.

  2. Susan Uhl says:

    Where’s the download for the chickens??

  3. holy holily holian says:

    peace, there is several companies that produce vegan chicken meat, for those whom grew up eating chicken, not even knowing how the chicken meat came about. the vegan chicken meat, it tastes like the real thing, even texture, plus other animal meats, like vegan fish, beef, pork, ham, turkey, etc…, i believe it would be helpful & many people would be thankful if when viewing your web site & information that gets printed elsewhere about your helping factory farmed chickens, to know about vegan animal meat flavors, though the plant based meats still seem to come short on amount of protein, some have a good amount protein, having enough of all 8 essential amino acids one needs daily as to why they eat animal meat to begin with, to obtain the 8 essential amino acids their body can’t produce, like the other 12 amino acids ones body produces out of complex carbohydrates daily. that without our body would begin to perish right away, that is why the desire to eat animal meat exists & goes away when fulfilled with enough plant based protein that nuts have, or a combination of legumes & grains, like beans & rice, or beans & corn, or pecans, walnuts, hazel nuts, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts. for people will dive into reading your material about helping chickens that is way overdue, & the 1st i’ve seen, not even peta & humane society have i seen such a help for factory famed chickens. a question i have is, how to deal with all the eggs they lay when having rescued hens, for research claims in 1800’s before cars & jets, ‘chicken feed’ by congressional law had to have hormones in it to cause the hens to lay more eggs then normal, for they would only lay enough to hatch like any other bird say 12, & 21 days later chicks, & within a year after hen raises them can lay eggs again, but the hormone in feed by law to prevent starvation of the people, that in snowy winter climates they’d have eggs to help them survive in the new world, the western hemisphere. & that law has never been rescinded by congress when i researched this back in 1970’s. also probably causes roosters to be over active so why they fight each other so much, & anyone, & some roosters relentlessly mount a hen over & over till she is dead, sticking her with his 3 inch pointed spikes on his lower legs, even taking turns with other roosters there, & its usually the weakest hen they do this to, mostly near sunset. having raised 500 day old chicks about to die in cold from missing their jet plane to south america in middle of winter, what happen to the other 19500 chicks that missed that flight i know not, but as pets to us we never ate the chickens, they lived an average of about 8 years or so. & we barely could handle that many, fed the eggs to rescued cats & dogs daily that once the dogs & cats were nurtured, healed to be able to go live in a good home, were put up for adoption to a good home. so the need of good homes is great, i read an article claiming from ny post that last year, in usa alone about 8 billion chickens were slaughtered, 10 billion animals all together, the chickens raised for eggs & food. good luck & best of peace to you in your undertakings, thank you, am so glad to finally read about an organization helping factory farmed chickens. peace

  4. Diana Hammel says:

    We have been treating farm animals inhumanely. They are lives that benefit our lives, one way or another. We must think of them and take necessary steps to improve laws to protect their well being.