ClementineWe do not know what farm Clementine came from in Southern California. We only know that a woman crammed her into a cloth bag and planned on selling her for a Christmas backyard slaughter. It is moments like these when animals like Clementine are in desperate need of a savior, an advocate who won’t turn a blind eye to suffering. Clementine found that in a woman named Linda who rescued Clementine from a horrific fate.

And we are happy to take in this beautiful, small turkey. Our friends at Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary drove her up today. She arrived an hour ago, her small 12-lb frame fitting inside a much more ventilated carrier (an improvement from that cloth bag).

It took only a few seconds for the cheeping bird to step foot into a new world, a true sanctuary. Immediately Clementine strode past human feet and found her way to the new grasses growing in her temporary pasture. She investigated cameras and bowls and boots and decided green grass is the best invention. Every so often, she stands up and clucks loud and clear for the world to hear.

Clementine does not need any New Year’s resolutions – she has found home, freedom, life, a future.

If you think Clementine was treated unfairly or cruelly, that the end of her life would have been brutal, mean, and unkind…take a stand for Clementine by taking a stand for farmed animals everywhere. The greatest act of justice towards nonhumans any of us can take is transitioning to and adopting a vegan lifestyle.

Clementine is alive. Go out and celebrate that small, beautiful thing.


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