Name: Corny/Cornejo
Age: His soulful eyes say 250 but his paperwork says 4!
Weight: Rude. Or, 11.22 lbs

Corny is channeling his inner Dandie Dinmont Terrier with his stylish ‘do.

Cornejo likes to be in someone’s arms. He likes to cuddle, snuggle, and be carried around like the elite royalty he believes he is.

He also likes to run, race, play, and explore!

Corny has not been cat or child tested but can be on request.

Want to add this gorgeous scruff a muffin pup to your family? Fill out an adoption form and put “Cornejo/Corny” in the name section.

Animal Place’s dog adoption program is a collaboration between Animal Place, Center for Animal Protection & Education, and Compassion without Borders. All rescued dogs have been spayed/neutered, tested negative for heartworm, de-wormed, and vaccinated. All dogs are housed in Grass Valley, California.

Why dogs from Mexico?

“Why do you rescue dogs from Mexico? ” by Christi Camblor, DVM

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