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Day in the Life of a Sanctuary Goat

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Follow elder goat Jeffrey as he guides you through his day! 

My feathered friends down the street are starting to crow at the top of their lungs! In an hour our human caregivers will start to get us fed in the timely fashion we demand…I mean, nicely request. Our loud neighbors, the pigs, will scream for their breakfast. When I hear them, I know it is time to stretch my legs and my vocal cords. I check my surroundings and let out a little bleat. Wonder what a goat whine sounds like? Imagine a quiet high pitched baaaah. That’s my favorite noise to make.

Vincent Van Goat and Butterscotch are up to their typical play-fighting shenanigans. The three teenagers, Miles, Dante, and Oliver are running in circles. Those barn doors better open soon! I see caregiver Blake walking towards us and yell “Hey! Hey Blake! Good morning! Could you maybe open the doors, please?” Here he comes to open the big red barn doors.  

I walk to the top of our green pasture and look over the sanctuary. As I scratch my back on the rocks, I scout the tree lines for any new oak leaves. In the distance, I see one! I casually walk past the others who are playing on their new goat playground. It’s a great distraction. They have no idea what a treasure I found. I’ve got to think, and I’ve got to think fast. I stand on my tippy hooves on the boulder and stretch my neck out. VICTORY!!! 

It’s now 10 AM. As the others graze, I watch the gate. I know my volunteer friends are about to arrive. I just love when they scratch my back. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day. Oh yay, they are here! I let out another whine to let them know I am excited. I meet them at the gate and follow them around as they visit the others. I make sure to stand nice and close for optimal scratching.

It’s time to eat lunch! I graze, graze and then graze some more. I’ve got to get my energy up for my afternoon nap.

Naptime at last. I know this because the cows across the way are laying down. It will soon be getting dark and we will have to head back to our barn.

The sun is starting to set. We get called to our barn where the humans lock us up for the night to keep us safe. I settle in. I look around and I think to myself, “sanctuary life is good”. 

– Jeffrey the goat

7 Responses so far.

  1. Hi Jeffrey:

    I visited you once and scratched your back. I wish I could do that now. Keep making all of the volunteers and caretakers happy with your antics!

    • Claire C says:

      Awww how sweet! We hope we can allow visitors back again soon, but of course we must wait until it is safe. Thanks, Claire, Social Media Manager

  2. Lin says:

    I love Jeffery the goat and his stories!
    Thanks for posting them and when I get my ss check I will send a donation.
    Thanks again for the stories at this very difficult time.❤

  3. Barbara A. Ricucci says:

    I wish I was Jeffrey! I would be so happy & contented & at peace 🙂

  4. Carol Hahn says:

    This was beautiful! Thanks so much, Jeffrey! ??