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Name: Dolly
Age: 7-9 yrs-0ld
Weight: 20 lbs

Oh Dolly! Dolly prefers all of her photographs to be in black-and-white. She is Classy…with that capital C.

When she is not posing for monochrome pics, she is busy staring soulfully off into the distance. What goes on behind those eyes? That is for you to find out, should you be approved to adopt this special lady.

Dolly tolerates other dogs and would do best in a home with quiet, calm dogs who want to run, not wrestle. She has not been cat tested but that can be arranged with our 16-lb hunk of a cat, Shawn.

Dolly would probably do well with older children.

Want to add this delightful lady to your family? Fill out an adoption form and put “Dolly” in the name section.

The dog adoption program is a collaboration between Animal Place, Center for Animal Protection & Education, and Compassion without Borders. All rescued dogs have been spayed/neutered, tested negative for heartworm, de-wormed, and vaccinated. All dogs are housed in Grass Valley, California.



6 Responses so far.

  1. dee ward says:

    Could you send me a picture of dolly in color.
    Thank you Dee

  2. Iris Colan says:

    I filled out an application to adopt Dolly.
    I prefer her existing age of 7 to 9.
    My application states younger.
    I prefer adult dob.
    Thank you

  3. Elizabeth Ruby says:

    I’ve submitted an application about Dolly a while back but have had no communications in going on a couple weeks now. Is she still available ? I still have more questions too.