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Emergency Rescue: Calves from the Dairy Industry

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I am writing to ask for your help in caring for two sickly calves!

An emergency call came in about two calves rescued from a dairy farm. Samuel and Hank needed immediate veterinary care. Born that day, Samuel had not nursed from his own mom. 

Your $50 donation provides veterinary hospitalization to animals in need, refilling the Rescue Medical Fund. 

You would have cringed at how thin and listless Hank was. I knew he likely did not receive enough colostrum, his mom’s first milk that provides important antibodies. Calves who do not get colostrum often struggle to survive. 

I wish Hank’s story ends differently, but you deserve to know. 

On his third day Hank began to crash. He could not breathe well. He would not get up for his bottle. His symptoms were serious enough to have our veterinarian come out. We administered IV fluids and antibiotics but they did not improve Hank’s condition.

We rushed him to UC Davis’ Veterinary Hospital. He spent more than a week in intensive care, undergoing multiple diagnostic tests and different treatments. It was hard seeing him get better, only to crash a few hours later. 

We did all we could to help Hank live. He could not overcome the harm done by the dairy industry. He died with one of our caregivers by his side and is buried at the sanctuary.

You know how hard it can be to make that choice. The toughest part? Samuel was now all alone. Orphan calves have it hard enough, but being totally alone? We wouldn’t allow it.

We heard about another calf, close to the same age as Samuel. He too is a discard of the dairy industry – an unwanted male calf who will not produce milk. I called up the farm and they released him to us! We named him Sterling. 

Your $30 donation covers three days of bottle feedings for Samuel & Sterling. 

Sterling is younger than Samuel but healthier. He did receive enough colostrum to get him through those first few days without his mom’s milk. 

Samuel welcomed Sterling quickly and the two are inseparable. But they have a long road ahead of them. They need your support to heal emotionally and physically. 

With the winter rains approaching, your gift is more important than ever to refill our critically low Rescue Medical Fund. Your support gifts Samuel and Sterling with coats, a warm straw bed, much-needed grass hay, five bottle feedings a day, and all-important veterinary care. 

I want to see Samuel and Sterling’s holidays be full of good health. I know you do too!

And with your $100 gift, you keep the Rescue Medical Fund full so that Sterling and Samuel never have to worry about top-notch veterinary care!

I look forward to giving you updates on Sterling and Samuel. Please send your support and help them grow up healthy and strong.

With compassion,

Hannah Beins
Animal Care Director

PS: All it takes is $30 to keep Samuel and Sterling fed for three days! Donate here.

3 Responses so far.

  1. Joanne and Jeff B. says:

    Wishing Samuel and Sterling Happy Holidays filled with compassion and good health. xo

  2. Deborah Vaupen says:

    In gratitude for all you do for these innocent beings ??