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From Farm to Freedom

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From farm to freedom
Three lucky turkeys are safe…and you can help name them!

For three 5-week-old turkeys, life is looking up. Once confined in a shed with thousands, they are now safe at Animal Place thanks to a Good Samaritan. 

They bear the scars of their experience, though.

Instead of hatched beneath their mother’s wings, they hatched in an artificial incubator. When they were two-days-old, part of their nerve-rich beaks was seared off. This reduces injuries from fighting as birds get larger in overcrowded sheds. 

Their rescuer noticed the shed the birds lived in being cleared out. Curious, they approached and asked if any of the birds might be relinquished. The farm was willing to release three of the birds to them. 

It is easy to make monsters out of farmers, but they fulfill a consumer demand fueled by multi-billion dollar corporations. Some do struggle with a line of work that turns living, breathing, sentient beings into packaged parcels of flesh. 

This is why sanctuary work is so vital. You can see firsthand who you help when you adopt kinder food habits. 

One turkey has a leg injury from an unknown source. He already has difficulty walking. But he likes to rest next to you.

One has a minor prolapse that is responding to treatment. He likes to have his chest scratched.

One has wounds from being pecked in the head and is recovering. He is a huge fan of mashed up food!

These three turkeys are safe at sanctuary, but millions more are not.

How You Can Help

Make a donation toward their care! Donate $15 and you can submit one suggested name for our employees to vote on! Your $15 gift provides them with two days of care!

Try vegan! Download a free copy of our vegan pamphlet and learn the why and how of being vegan!



5 Responses so far.

  1. Laura Hofer says:

    Thats actually a very sad story, but a good read! Thanks for that.

    • Claire C says:

      These birds have experienced so much pain at the farm, as many turkeys do. It is always bittersweet when we rescue, because it is so sad to see how animals are treated, yet so wonderful to take them out of that environment, and set them free!

  2. Philip Owino says:

    It’s always great to know that there are people who deeply care about animals out there. I hope the turkeys are now in good health

  3. Nikita says:

    Animals are God’s beautiful creations. How wonderful it is to realize that there are people who care for them. I love animals, too, and I feed wild animals.