From House of Horror to Safe Haven

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May 4 2016 Angi A smaPregnant Rebecca lived in a cage so small, she could not turn around.  Angie was forced to sleep in her own feces. They are two we welcomed from a Washington state cruelty investigation by the Whatcom Humane Society.

Sadly, after only  a month in our care, Rebecca did not make it. Her loss is particularly hard – when someone survives such immense trauma, we want them to live many years in peace and sanctuary. We are grateful to have given her a month of love, compassion, and patience.

Angi is heartbroken over the loss of her friend. We are beginning the process of integrating her with the main herd so she can make new bonds that will hopefully lessen her grief.

Animal cruelty discovered after neglected children found
Pigs, dogs, horses, and even human children endured neglect and cruelty on a rural, private property. Only after child protective services confiscated the human foster children did officials find the animals…starving or trapped inside a windowless barn carpeted with feces and urine.

Pig slaughtered, dog locked in trailer with pig’s body for days
Reading the cruelty investigation is heartbreaking. One pig was slaughtered to feed a dog. The dog was locked in a trailer with the dead pig’s body…for days. Four of the pigs were so crippled, they could only drag their damaged rear legs behind them and had to be euthanized.

IMG_0205Pigs kept in dark
The pigs had no outdoor access. When a pig would die, the remaining pigs were so desperate for food that they would eat the body.

36-hour trip for survivors
We drove 36 hours round-trip to bring four pigs to safety — Rebecca and Angi to Animal Place and two others to another sanctuary.

The animals teach us a lot – – forgiveness and trust. We have a lot to learn from them.



April 13 2016 New Girl B smaHelp Our Pigs Thrive

Your $25 gift will help offset the costs of spaying, neutering, and providing basic veterinary care to Angi.

A $15 donation provides a day’s worth of food to Angi.

All other gifts will help build additional housing for the new pigs and expand their pastures.

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