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Growing Old at Animal Place

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There is something very tender about caring for an aging companion animal.

Sweet senior pig Mishka rests in his deeply bedded stall.

As we see our friends growing older by the day, we are obligated to keep them safe and comfortable. You may know the feeling well. Finding a new tuft of gray hairs on your cat’s muzzle, or hearing your dog give a deep sigh after lying down.

In a language without words, they begin to tell us that their time on Earth is limited.

Loving animal caretakers do everything they can to keep their aging friends comfortable. Dogs’ beds are swapped out for larger and softer ones. Ramps are added to furniture to allow easier access.

In animal agriculture farmed animals aren’t given these luxuries. In fact, they will never see their “golden years” at all. Their lives are cut short when they are still only babies.

This is why watching farmed animals grow old at Animal Place is even more special. We know that our rescued senior residents are some of the rare few of their kind. This makes us want to give them the best lives imaginable.

Graying hairs on the face of an aging cow or patchy wool on an aging sheep is a victory in our eyes. It means they’ve made it. They’ve beat the odds. All animals have a strong will to live. But these individuals were lucky enough to find humans who respect that.

Senior turkey Cypress (left) snuggles with friends Juniper and Radcliffe rooster.

We cherish every day with our senior residents. Just like your companion animals at home, time spent alongside them is never taken for granted. 

Farmed animals are as deserving as any dog or cat of a soft place to land. They deserve to bask in the sun, even if getting back up is a little tougher than it used to be. They deserve to spend quality time with their herd or flock, even if they might fall a few steps behind the others. Often they need extra attention from our animal caregivers. And that’s okay! 

Witnessing these incredible beings reach their golden years is an honor. In a world where most farmed animals have their lives cut short at such a young age, living out their natural lifespan is an accomplishment to be proud of.

Because of the kindness of the humans who make our work possible, we are able to give animals the most priceless gift: that of being able to experience an entire lifetime, from start to finish, on their own terms.

What could be more valuable?

Click here to sponsor one of our lovely senior residents. Senior animals require extra care, and any contributions are appreciated.

Honey and Babe, rescued while pregnant. At twenty years old, they each delivered a healthy calf and are caring, patient, loving mothers.

Written by Chelsea Pinkham