How Friendship Brought two Vulnerable Calves out of the Woods

Samuel and Sterling were inseparable from the day they met. They were “trash” to the dairy industry- and treasure to us. The most incredible part of this story is that they saved each other’s lives. 


Samuel was born on a dairy farm. This farm was the subject of a horrifying investigation. Animals lived in filth. Countless calves died of untreated illnesses. Cows too sick to stand were beaten by frustrated workers. Investigator Erin Wing called it some of the worst cruelty she had ever seen.

Baby Samuel

During her time at the farm, Erin saved the lives of two unwanted bull calves. Samuel and Hank came to us as newborns. Despite incredible veterinary care, Hank was too sick to pull through.


We grew concerned for Samuel. Companionship is often what animals need to survive. Grief destroys immune systems. If we wanted Samuel to remain strong, we had to act fast. 


So we rescued Sterling in Hank’s honor. Sterling was also a bull calf, discarded by a dairy farm. But to Samuel he was everything. Samuel and Sterling took to each other instantly. Sterling provided him with emotional support and gave him back his will to live. Donors like you covered the medical assistance and round-the-clock care they desperately needed.


This fall, the calves will be three. They’re still growing! Their lanky, awkward, “teenage” bodies and their bursts of baby-like playfulness remind us that their lives are only beginning. They’ll spend the rest of their lives safe with us. And we are honored to spend it with them. 


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