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In Memory of Ross

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Baby falcon Ross

Five years ago, we received a call about a young chicken found wandering in downtown Sacramento near a busy intersection. With an opening available at our sanctuary in Grass Valley, we said yes to who we originally believed was a hen.

Ross (formerly Betsy Ross) arrived in July of 2011. Speckled and sporting gorgeous natural eyeliner, Ross cheeped his way into our hearts. Ross grew…but not much. His feet stayed the same small size, as did his little head. He grew luscious, long tail feathers and sported some gorgeous hackle feathers – all indications that he was male.

Behaviorally, Ross remained an enigma. He did not crow like the other roosters. He never mounted any of the hens. In fact, he believed firmly in having one partner. Only when a mate would die would he partner with a new hen. He helped groom his mate, loved dust-bathing and sun-bathing with them.

Ross was a quirky bird. He loved to jam his head through any fence opening and hang out. Or, he would crawl under the barn door to chill. His partners, being delightfully cooperative ladies, would follow suit although it was obvious they thought his behavior odd.

Ross loved to dust-bathe and would toddle awkwardly out to his favorite spot and go at it. This would inspire the rest of the small special needs flock to follow suit.

We wish Ross could have lived longer. He died suddenly and, on one level, we are grateful for that. But we always want more happy days for every individual here. We will miss you, perfect and strange little Ross.


L, Ross’ latest partner, misses him greatly



A normal day for Ross



6 Responses so far.

  1. Michele OBrien says:

    He looks awfully cute. I’m sorry he’s gone.

  2. Austin says:

    Thanks to you her life was good to the end. Who know what her life would been with you Si thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Deborah most says:

    Wonderful life for a wonderful bird, RIP at the rainbow’s end Ross…

  4. nancy knox says:

    RIP little one.

  5. Jennefer English says:

    What a wonderful story, and how wonderful that Ross had such a wonderful, although short life with such loving and kind people. I love what you guys do for chickens. RIP, sweet Ross. Fly high, little guy!

  6. Jean Clark says:

    He was SO beautiful & I know he is missed by everyone.