Love for Levi

October 16, 2016-

Unfortunately Levi passed away. He died nestled in a bed of straw, warm and safe. He died because of the dairy industry. We are sorry the news is not better.

October 15, 2016- october-14-2016-levi-a-1-of-1

For the first time in his short life, Levi knows love. He knows the warmth of a straw bed, the comfort of a kind hand. If you had seen Levi through our eyes, you would have been horrified. He could barely stand, his tail and rear caked in bloodied feces. Born male on a dairy, he was taken from his mother right after birth. He never received colostrum, found in the first milk produced by his mom, which provides life-saving protection against disease.

By the time we saved him, he was near death. We rushed him to UC Davis’ veterinary teaching hospital, where he currently remains. Levi was dehydrated, with possible tendon damage, potential blindness…but more concerning, blood and mucous in his stool indicating something wrong internally. An ultrasound revealed a massive infection raging in his tiny body. He is on intraveneous antibiotics, fluids, and is receiving colostrum to help him heal.

Levi has a 50/50 chance of surviving this. These odds should give you hope.

You can help. Your donation will go toward Levi’s care. His medical care currently exceeds $3,000 but we want to give this survivor as much of a chance as possible. 

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