Piglet Just Wants to Have Fun!

Saved from backyard slaughter, Marigold is the newest piglet welcomed to Animal Place!

Marigold has oodles of personality – every piglet does! Her exact history is unknown…a good guess? Marigold was likely purchased at auction for backyard slaughter…she was found racing wildly through the streets of urban Sacramento before being scooped up by an animal control officer at the Front Street Shelter – City of Sacramento.

No matter – Marigold is free to do as she wishes, including a romp through straw! Watch her be all adorable!

YouTube video

We look forward to sharing more updates on Marigold as we get to know her better!

In the meantime, consider this: Marigold is a who. A chair does not suffer if you beat it. A chair does not experience joy if you hug it. A chair is inanimate. Marigold is not. She is not an it. After you watch the video, see how this feels, “Marigold loves playing in the straw. She exudes joy.” versus “It loves playing in the straw. It exudes joy.” Oh the loveliness of the first!

We call other animals “its” to justify our perception and use of them as entertainment, food, research experiments, fiber.

Marigold loves playing in the straw. She exudes joy. She is someone.

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