Maxwell the Pig Finds a Friend

Maxwell and five other piglets came to Animal Place in 2019, at just 2 months old. Rescued from a hoarding case, they were scared and wary of humans.

Once they adjusted to their new life, they started to trust us. This is when Maxwell and caregiver Liz began their special friendship.


Their bond grew when Liz started providing him with essential treatment and hoof care. Maxwell would flop over and let her handle his hooves with ease, which is a sign of trust. Liz spent time training Maxwell, who can now sit, spin, and touch objects with his nose! This is a fun form of enrichment, and the delicious cheerios he gets for a spin are an added bonus.


Liz describes Maxwell as having similar personality traits to a dog. He gets excited to greet her, leans his body against her, flops over for belly rubs, and follows her around the yard. Like dogs, pigs will lean into people who they love. It’s their version of a hug! You always know when Liz enters their pasture because you can hear Maxwell’s excited grunts from a mile away. Maxwell and Liz have a friendship that could make anyone smile!


Each staff member has at least one animal that they have formed a deep bond with. Yet, when we asked them who that individual was, they all sat for a moment to ponder. They care intensely for each and every animal at the sanctuary. It is clear that picking a “favorite” is difficult. 

A special THANK YOU to all of our wonderful caregivers who care for and love the rescued residents so deeply.

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