Meet Jazzy

Birth: 7/1/2010
Arrival: 7/1/2014


Jazzy is a Jersey cow – a breed commonly used for their milk. She was born on a dairy farm for that reason: to suffer insemination, pregnancy, having her baby stolen, having her baby’s milk taken from her, and then to start the process over again.

But Jazzy is a freemartin, a female born a twin to a male calf. She is sterile and will never become pregnant to produce milk. So the dairy farm had no use for her. They took Jazzy from her mother and sent her to a ranch that raised calves for veal. Jazzy lived in a crate so small she could not turn around. She was surrounded by others suffering through the same life because the dairy industry deemed them worthless. Like all calves used for veal, she was to be slaughtered at just 16 weeks old. Sixteen weeks.

But Jazzy was saved. She was purchased from the operation by a woman who cared for her for 4 years. When that savior was no longer able to care for Jazzy, she again provided refuge by calling Animal Place.

Jazzy is good friends with Maddie and Magnolia and likes to teach Shelby how to behave (generally by head-butting her when Shelby misbehaves). Jazzy graciously allows visitors to pet her and even gives some of them kisses. She enjoys having the base of her tail scratched and, like a dog enjoying a butt scratch, will arch her neck and even stick her tongue out.

Bovines should live 15-20 years. They should not be chained in a tiny pen, purposely malnourished, and slaughtered at 16-weeks-old. If you think the veal industry is cruel, if you think what happened to Jazzy and millions of others is wrong, then you know veganism is right. You know what you can do to end suffering.

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