Meet Jett the sheep tied to a flagpole



jett4-2Small and scared, Jett was ready to head home with Animal Place staff when they arrived to the pig farm where she was being boarded.

Jett’s journey to the pig farm is a sad one. Kids dragged Jett through town on a hot summer day, tethering her to a flag pole, near Mendocino County. No access to water or shade, Jett would not have survived long out in afternoon sun. Luckily, her cries for help were heard and she was taken to a local shelter. The kids were never found.

Unable to house her, the shelter sent her to a pig farm, where animals equally worthy of being saved are raised for slaughter. Confined in a small pen, Jett cried out once again…we heard and helped.

Volunteers visited Jett, confirming what we knew – Jett was a sweet, friendly sheep who needed our help.

When she was available for rescue, Animal Place’s Jan Galeazzi drove with partner Rocky four hours to the pig farm, picked up Jett, and brought her safely home.

Now she needs to overcome her past…and you can help! Your $15 donation covers the costs of her veterinary care.

Our veterinarian will test her for parasites, illness, pregnancy, and vaccinate her.

Despite her mistreatment, Jett is friendly and trusting with humans. After she recovers, our adoption specialists will find her a fabulous, safe home. Until then, she continues to receive fresh hay, grain, and hands on time with her caregivers.

I hope you will join other animal lovers and contribute $15 toward Jett’s care!

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