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Meet Maddie

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Estimated Date of Birth: 6/1/2002
Animal Place Arrival: 12/8/2009


Maddie is a Holstein, a breed used in the dairy industry. She was born a twin to a male calf and because of over-exposure to hormones, she was rendered sterile. In the dairy industry, if a female cannot be forcibly impregnated to produce milk, she has no value.

Maddie was born at a small dairy farm located at a large California agricultural university. While most sterile female calves in the dairy industry are raised for their flesh, Maddie was exploited for her blood. Confined in a small 12×12 concrete pen, she endured daily poking and prodding. Her blood was used for cows needing transfusions at the veterinary hospital. After seven years, she grew tired of the mistreatment and became difficult to handle.

Instead of sending her to sanctuary, the school planned on slaughtering her. A veterinarian intervened and Animal Place welcomed her to our sanctuary in 2009.

Shy around humans, Maddie strongly prefers the company of the other cows. She grooms them daily and guides the herd to the best grazing spots. The only time she adores humans is when caregivers bring her arthritis medication hidden in a bowl of treats. The other cows respect Maddie and never try to steal her food.

Want to help cows like Maddie? Adopt a vegan lifestyle. Cows in the dairy industry are always slaughtered at a fraction of their lifespan. Maddie never knew her mother as she was removed immediately after birth, a common industry practice.

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