Meet Murphy

Birth: 5/25/2009
Arrival: 5/25/2010


Murphy is a large neutered Holstein with majestic horns and soulful eyes.

Born on a dairy farm, Murphy was considered waste – like all male calves born to farms that use cows for milk. He was stolen from his mother and sent to auction.

The people who bought Murphy took him to a horse boarding facility that was not set up to care for a bovine. When the facility went into foreclosure, the owners abandoned Murphy in his stall. They didn’t tell anyone or ask anyone to care for him.

When new owners discovered Murphy, they called U.C. Davis and had a veterinarian come out to care for him. That veterinarian rescued Murphy and brought him to Animal Place where he quickly became the leader of the herd.

The first step to ending situations like this is realizing that consuming dairy perpetuates cruelty. Because he would never produce milk, Murphy was considered worthless and was sent to auction. There, he could have been purchased to be used for veal or to go to a farm and be raised for slaughter. Or he could have been killed because no one wanted him. When you turn your back on dairy, you help bovines like Murphy.

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