Meet Nicholas

Born: 12/23/2007
Arrived: 12/25/2007


Nicholas is a Jersey, a breed used in the dairy industry. When Nicholas was born, he was immediately removed from his mother. This is common when the calf born is male and unable to get pregnant. Trucked to an auction yard, Nicholas was bought for $15. It is common for male Jersey calves to be sold at auction for as little as $5.

After he was bought, Nick was chained up outside an apartment complex in Berkeley, California where he was left with a bowl of hay and water. A 2-day-old calf is physically unable to consume hay or water and need their mother’s milk (or at least a bottle of milk replacement.) Luckily neighbors called animal control, who contacted Animal Place.

Nicholas spent the first few weeks of his life in our offices, recovering from his initial neglect. Soon he was ready to explore, meet new friends, and kick up his heels.

Today Nicholas is a low-key bovine who likes to lounge in the sun, unless caregivers are bringing hay. Then he is up and running to greet them. Nick loves rubbing his head in wood chip piles.

Want to help bovines like Nicholas? Remember that in order to produce milk, a cow must be impregnated. Male Jersey calves, like Nicholas, have little value and are often deprived of their mother’s first milk (which provides life-saving antibodies). In California, male dairy calves are sold at auction for cheap slaughter. In other parts of the country, male dairy calves are raised for veal, the flesh of a male calf.

If you oppose the consumption of veal, stop drinking milk. The veal industry would not exist without the dairy industry.

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