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Meet Panda Bob

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Birth: 1/20/2014
Arrival: 2/3/2014


Panda Bob (P. Bob) is one of our friendliest bovines. He loves greeting staff and visitors. He has also been known to ask for scratches behind his ears.

P. Bob came to Animal Place as an orphaned calf after his mother was confiscated by local animal control prior to his birth. The farmers had left Bob’s mother “down” and unable to stand. They refused to get medical treatment for her. Although she was in poor condition, she gave birth to Bob and cried and struggled to be by her son’s side and nurse him.

After animal control stepped in and Bob’s mother saw that her young calf was receiving milk and love, she stopped struggling and closed her eyes for the last time. Despite this tragedy, Bob’s story is a happy one.

Bob has known only respect and kindness since he arrived at Animal Place when he was two weeks old. Here, he is free to be mischievous and seek human attention. You can help advocate for all animals like Bob and his mom by helping others realize that even small farms can mistreat the animals in their care and that all of those animals die or are killed when they are very young (considering that they should live to be around 20-years-old).



2 Responses so far.

  1. Cecile Lau says:

    All animals should be treated with care, respect n love all the time no matter where they are! They have more feelings n love than the human race!

  2. Linda Ross says:

    Love this story and the work that you do!