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Meet Stanley

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Birth: 11/27/2012
Arrival: 12/5/2012


Stanley is a lovable Angus bovine. He was born on a cow-calf ranch in Northern California. Ranchers planned to let Stanley live in his herd for months before sending him to a feedlot to be fattened for slaughter.

One fateful December night, strong wind, rain, and noise separated Stanley from his mother. Stanley ran up and down roadways until, exhausted, he collapsed in the middle of the road. California Highway Patrol officers found Stanley and took him to a local shelter. Unable to determine which ranch he escaped from, the shelter called Animal Place and we welcomed Stanley into our herd.

While we are sad that Stanley was unable to be reunited with his mother, we are unendingly grateful that he joined the Animal Place family. Stanley runs with the Angus crew, which includes Tommy and Junior (JR).

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