Meet Tommy

Birth: 9/17/2009
Arrival: 9/17/2010


Tommy is a gentle giant. He is an Angus, a breed used for their flesh. Like most bovines raised for their flesh, Tommy was born on a cow-calf ranch, where cows bond with their calves for 6-8-months before their eventual destination of a feedlot and slaughter.

A runt calf, Tommy caught a lucky break when a local horse rescuer fell in love with him. The rescuer convinced the rancher that Tommy deserved a life of peace. Because Tommy was a runt – and therefore potentially worth less money – the rancher agreed to allow this sweet boy to come to sanctuary when he was 1 year old.

Tommy has been happy at Animal Place since 2010. Now that he is 7 years old, he may be considered an “old man” by those interested in selling him for profit.

Tommy is good friends with fellow Angus Stanley and JR and he likes to boss around 2,200 pound buddy, Murphy.

The best way to help others like Tommy is to go vegan. If Tommy hadn’t come to Animal Place, he would have been killed. Bovines raised and used for their flesh are killed when they are between 18-24 months old Naturally they can live to be about 20-years-old. These intelligent, loving creatures are killed as babies and robbed of their families, freedom, and lives.

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