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Milton, Dino, and Echo’s Story

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Turkeys are some of the most entertaining animals on the sanctuary. But few are as fun to watch as everyone’s favorite trio- Echo, Milton and Dino.

Like most male turkeys, these three love to show off. Just as their wild, brilliantly colored ancestors did, these three show off by puffing up their feathers and strutting about. Wild turkeys use this strategy to attract mates, but Echo, Milton and Dino will strut for just about anyone!

The boys each have unique personalities. While Milton and Echo are bold and friendly towards humans, Dino is on the shy side. With Echo’s love of butt rubs and constant need to be the center of attention, you’d think he was a Golden Retriever.

The birds do have one thing in common: they all love treats! Every Thanksgiving, Animal Place has an annual tradition of preparing a feast for our turkeys by welcoming them as the guests of honor. Fresh fruit pies, berries, fall veggies and more will be served to Dino, Echo, Milton and all of their friends. 

Life wasn’t always so joyful for our beloved trio. They were legally rescued from a turkey farm which had intended to sell them for Thanksgiving slaughter. The boys coughed and sneezed, a sign of respiratory illness. They were smaller than the others. They had been injured by their stressed-out flockmates.

Narrowly avoiding an untimely death, the friends found safety in sanctuary.

Now every November will be spent strolling the sanctuary grounds, foraging for insects in the piles of autumn leaves, and soaking up the last bit of seasonal warmth in patches of sunshine.

Because of caring people like you who recognize that their lives are worth so much more than a meal, their lives will be like this for years to come.

That is something to be thankful for.

Dino, Milton and Echo enjoying a feast!