New Rescue Alert!

I want to share this recent email with you. It’s about a brave little goat named Ronaldo, whose life you have the power to transform.

“I have neighbors that have a caged goat which spends 100% of its time in a 3x4x4 kennel. The city won’t intervene in any meaningful way, and the neighbors have already killed two other goats.”

💔My heart sank, as I’m sure yours would too. I had to find out more. Here’s Ronaldo’s story. I hope after reading it, you’ll consider donating toward his care and spreading the word about his story. 

In April, the neighborhood noticed a backyard with three baby goats and multiple chickens. It’s illegal to have farmed animals in this particular residential zone. Concerned neighbors called animal control. 

The animal control officer investigated and told the neighbor he was not allowed to have farmed animals, but did not confiscate or remove the animals. Instead, they told the homeowners to “deal with it.” 

I’m heartbroken sharing this part with you. Their idea of “dealing with it”? Slaughtering the animals. By the time we were alerted, two goats and all the chickens were killed

And Ronaldo? He was left alone, confined in a cramped 3×4 metal pen, awaiting a similar fate. Like you probably are just thinking about it, I was horrified. 

I knew we had to act fast. I called the person who sent us the email and then met with our team to see how we could help.  

Time was running out, so we made the decision to rescue Ronaldo if the neighbor would sign over custody to us. 

I was on pins and needles, waiting for an answer!

As you can imagine, it was a huge relief when the neighbor agreed and signed over the placement of Ronaldo to Animal Place. Ronaldo’s life was saved!

Ronaldo is around 7-mos-old. He arrived severely underweight with overgrown hooves, all signs of neglect.

What you might be surprised by is how loving Ronaldo is with everyone. Despite his horrible neglect and mistreatment, Ronaldo trusts the caregivers. It’s as if he knows he is safe. He loves it when caregivers give him attention and leans in for a good back scratch. 

His former “home” was a 3×3 pen. Now it’s a warm barn filled with a bed of comfortable straw and a small pasture, where he chats with neighboring pigs. 

You can be a part of his journey. While he has gained weight, and received a hoof trim, he still needs to be neutered. And right now, a group of animal lovers have joined forces to match your gift dollar for dollar, up to $5,000. 

Your gift doubles to contribute to Ronaldo’s recovery and his journey towards a life filled with kindness and freedom. Your donation to our Rescue Medical Fund helps with Ronaldo’s neuter and daily care. Not only that, but you are reinforcing our mission to provide a safe haven for animals in need and to advocate for their rights.

Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a profound difference. And, your gift goes twice as far for this special goat. Whether it’s funding for Ronaldo’s medical care, nutritious food, or the ongoing support we provide to all our rescued animals, your donation is a beacon of hope.

Let’s come together to write a new chapter in Ronaldo’s life –one filled with joy, health, and the love he so rightfully deserves. Thank you for standing with us and for believing in a world where every animal is treated with the compassion and respect they deserve.

Without you, there is no us. With compassion,

Hannah Beins

Animal Care Director 

P.S. Your gift doubled helps Ronaldo get all the care he deserves!

PPS: After Ronaldo’s neuter, he will be available for adoption! Placing an animal into a forever home is one way we ensure our barn doors stay open for others in need.

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