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Recovering Hen Loves Watching TV

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Earlier this year, Strawberry’s life outlook was quite bleak. She had to fight for the small amount of food the egg farmer put out for her flock of unwanted “spent” hens. With no predator protection, she was at risk of being torn to shreds by coyotes or raccoons. And while she had plenty of pasture to roam on, she did not have a safe enclosure at night and risked dying from exposure. All because she did not produce enough eggs…she was no longer valued by the farm.

Animal Place secured her release…and 799 of her closest friends from the farm. Look at her now!

After a month-long quarantine (more like a little recovery time) at our adoption center, Strawberry was placed into the home of Olivia Fox and Brian Larsen. We love all our hen homes, of course, but we love being pleasantly surprised by the commitment, love, and respect our adopters have toward their rescued hens.

When Strawberry suffered a leg injury, Olivia and Brian did what we want all of our adopters to do – they took her to the vet! The vet said she should be off her feet. So Olivia and Brian got creative and crafted a sling for Strawberry. But then she got bored, as stationary chickens are wont to do. So they installed a tablet and played nature documentaries, for her viewing pleasure.

Now Strawberry can stay entertained. She also receives hydrotherapy (in a little wading pool) so she float and safely walk around without adding weight to her injured leg. Thank you, Olivia and Brian…you are truly Strawberry’s heroes.

You can stay updated on Strawberry’s life at her Facebook page!

Want a cool hen like Strawberry in your life? Adopt one! There are 1,200 white versions of Strawberry at our adoption center now!



14 Responses so far.

  1. Sharon B says:

    I love this hen! This is adorable

  2. brian girard says:

    i love this, its the best god bless the sweet hen.

  3. Sue Ehler says:

    Years ago I had an occasion to have 7 chickens living in my house barge. I forgot one day to put them in their coop when I left for work… came home to find all 7 sitting on the couch watching Jerry Springer! While maybe not a good influence on her future social behavior, I bet that show would also keep Strawberry entertained!

    • olivera m bradaric says:

      such a big sweetie i had hen golden was name ten years when i was small this remind me how precious they are god bless strawbery wish her long life

  4. Lee says:

    Why is she watching scary alligators? If she is recuperating have her watch something pleasant.

  5. Ellen Moore says:

    These are special adoptive parents. Few people would think this creatively for a “chicken.” Thank you for caring.

  6. Mary Wilkas says:

    God Bless your Humanity

  7. Ellen says:

    These people are my HEROS !
    Keep up the good work, !

  8. I love you Strawberry. <3

  9. Aileen Peek says:

    I don’t understand why people want to eat chickens. They are brutally raised and killed. Chicks of the wrong sex are placed live into grinders. Chickens are very maternal and make wonderful pets.

  10. Jane says:

    fyi~ the “Adopt one!” link in this article is going to a 404 (broken link).

  11. christina calzacorta says:

    this is such a sweet video…humans,as a whole, need to realize that animals,great and small are loving,caring,and feeling souls…and if we humans are to do justice to this knowledge,we need to stop treating animals with extreme cruelty,indifference,and as if they are nothing more than ours, to do with as we see fit….treating animals as the wonderful gifts that they are, is the ONLY way to bring honor to them, and our creator,JEHOVAH, GOD…………

  12. Mark says:

    Animals are superior to humans.