Rescue Medical Fund Stories – Bert


You may have met Bert earlier this year. We asked for your help in caring for the needy piglet.

In case you missed it, Bert broke into a neighbor’s yard, evading his killers. He was 2-weeks-old and being raised for backyard slaughter. Luckily animal control was called and we were immediately contacted.

I wish I could say his arrival to Animal Place meant he was home free. But Bert gave us a serious scare.

Young piglets cannot regulate their temperature. It’s why mother pigs build large nests for their babies to stay warm. Because of his neglect, when Bert arrived, he suffered several seizures.

To keep him warm, animal care director Hannah placed a heating pad under his bed, and even slept next to him. And, during the day Bert shared my office in his play pig pen! After several days of around-the-clock care, Bert rallied!

Bert required antibiotics to heal a massive infection He needed hourly bottles for the first two months. After he gained his strength, he was neutered, vaccinated, and de-wormed.

YOUR gift to the Rescue Medical Fund covers the antibiotics, surgeries, pain-medications, and care required to heal broken bodies.
Donate $25 to the Rescue Medical Fund and help raise $125,000 for animals like Bert. 

How does $25 help animals like Bert?

  • The antibiotic used to treat Bert’s infection is 0.85 cents per pill. Bert needed two pills per day for fourteen days…approximately $25!
  • Bert was on milk-replacer for two months. The milk replacer cost $26
  • Bert spent several nights at the vet hospital after his neuter. An overnight stay is $22!

Please help replenish our Rescue Medical Fund today.

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