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Rest in Peace, Mr. G

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Mr. G showed the world the power of friendship. He will never be forgotten. 

In 2014, a southern California shelter reached out for help with a goat and donkey. 

We had space for Mr. G but no experience with donkeys. Another sanctuary offered to take Jellybean, the donkey, and we transported Mr. G to our sanctuary.

It is normal for new arrivals to be stressed, but Mr. G’s behavior was abnormal. He refused to eat or move from his stall, for days!

After several veterinary visits and tests, it was clear Mr. G was physically healthy.

We reached out to the shelter and asked about Jellybean and Mr. G. The animal control officer said that both had been each other’s companion for at least ten years. Well, that explained it – Mr. G was deep in grief!

One of our volunteers immediately drove down to pick Jellybean up and bring her to Mr. G.

If you have not seen the video of their reunion, please see Mr. G’s transformation for yourself!

When Jellybean arrived, Mr. G immediately transformed. He perked right up, raced outside to Jellybean’s side, and began eating!

Here’s the thing about relationships. They often change. Jellybean and Mr. G had only each other for companionship. That is all they knew. But at the sanctuary, there were other goats for Mr. G…and he soon figured out that he wanted to be with them.

This left Jellybean on the fringes of the goat herd. We were able to rescue another donkey, Jujube, and the two are inseparable.

Mr. G lived a good life here. He never got into fights and welcomed each new goat with dignity and grace. He slowed with age, as we all do, but always kept up with the goat herd. 

Toward the end, Mr. G began having serious mobility and balance issues. If he was knocked over or fell down, he needed intervention from caregivers to get back up. Our veterinarian ran tests and we tried different treatments. None helped. We believe Mr. G had cancer and, at more than 15-yrs-old, we would not put him through any invasive testing.

As Mr. G’s quality and enjoyment of life began to decline rapidly, the decision was made to euthanize. He died as he lived – quietly and with dignity. 

In his honor, please share his rescue video

With sadness,

Hannah Beins
Animal Care Director

14 Responses so far.

  1. Thomas Kathleen Rogers says:

    Mr. G and jellybean what an awesome story. How true that our animal friends do have feelings and intellingence. You will be missed Mr. G but your story will go on with Jellybean.

  2. Etta says:

    I clicked both your links to watch Mr. G’s reunion and was taken to a wild animal sanctuary video. I guess those of us who do not have Facebook are shut out of your videos???? Not too keen about that.

    • Claire C says:

      Hi Etta, Sorry about that! The link has been fixed, and it will take you to the correct video now! Thanks, Claire

    • Janny says:

      I’m not on Facebook and i found the videos easily by googling Mr G and Jellybean or searching on YouTube. Hope that helps

  3. Kathy says:

    The linked videos in the story about Mr G and Jellybean don’t take me to their stories. I’d love to see their rescues and Mr G transformation. Please link me to the correct stories…

  4. Kelly Jostad says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of Mr G’s passing. Rest in Peace Sweet Boy.

  5. Susan says:

    I saw the video of Mr. G and Jellybean quite a while ago and was very touched. I tried to view it again (1/9/20) and in spite of the assurance the link was fixed, I also was taken to the wild animal sanctuary.

    That being said, I am grateful to have seen the video before and wonder how Jellybean is doing.

  6. Laura Toller Gardner says:

    Love knows no bounds — for all species. Blessed be!
    May Mr. G’s love continue to be felt, by Jellybean and all their friends at Animal Place.
    Thank you for honoring the incredible spirits of animals treated unjustly by our consumption culture.

  7. Fanimalo says:

    What a touching storry! So sorry for Mr G. He’s in a better place now!

  8. Karen Pollard says:

    I tried to donate but they want my birthday. That is too much info to put on a donation site – credit card and birthday info. With the hacking problems on donation sites, this is not a good practice. Since I would not give my birthday the site would not accept my donation. I think you should reconsider asking this question. Thank you. Karen Pollard