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Sadie has been with Animal Place since 2005. She is a former dairy cow, never given the right to nurse her own babies. When she developed an udder infection, she was discarded as quickly as her male calves were to be slaughtered for veal. She is very shy, but sometimes she loves to lick the hands of her best human friend, Marji, the education manager.

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  1. De Durlesser says:

    Thank you for All the effort put into these Babies. I wish Every Animal
    could live their deserved long life.
    Is there another good sanctuary on the Calif coast ? I’d Love to live and be an active part of one.
    It would rescue Me , too.

    • There are so many wonderful sanctuaries across California! sanctuaries.org is an Animal Place website dedicated to helping the public find farmed animal sanctuaries in their area. You can use it to view a variety of sanctuaries, and reach out to see if volunteer opportunities are available at a sanctuary near you! Wildlife rehabilitation facilities and animal shelters or rescue groups are also great places to volunteer your time to help.