Ten lucky lambs arrive at Animal Place

Moments after they were born, ten tiny lambs were abandoned and left to die in the elements. Thankfully, an Oregon sanctuary stepped in and rescued them from the farmers who left them to die. 

Sheep often give birth to twin or triplets, and the mother cannot always care for more than one at a time. She must then make the difficult and heartbreaking decision of who she can nurse and who she cannot. 

When farmers raise sheep for their wool, bottle feeding the abandoned lambs is often not worth their time or expense. The farmer will shoot the lambs or leave them to die in the elements. 

Fortunately, these ten lambs escaped that unthinkable fate. 

We were happy to assist with the rescue and quickly prepped our transport vehicle. Animal Care Director, Hannah Beins made the 20-hour roundtrip drive to Oregon to pick up the rescued babies. 

The trip was long and grueling with frequent stops for bottle feedings and health checks.

Hannah arrived back at the sanctuary at midnight. Sleepy eyed caregivers, Alli and Conor,  met the rescued lambs with open arms and warm bottles. Hannah had grown attached to these precious souls along the drive. She chose to spend the night cuddled next to them in the barn.

The lambs receive around the clock care, with bottle-feedings every four hours. Yes, that means that our dedicated team of caregivers wake up in the middle of the night to feed these babies!

It is safe to say that the hard work is well worth it. Watching them hop around in their tiny jackets is adorable. As they run through the green grass they experiment kicking up their back hooves. They still have newborn wobbles but they sure do give it their all. When they are not running around you can find them cuddled up in their barn, sleeping peacefully.

The lambs have different personalities. It has been a joy to get to know them. Remy loves people and will climb on your lap, reach up and kiss you on the nose. Sascha is bold and brave. Petunia has the sweetest demeanor. Conrad is a bit quiet and reserved but also very sweet. Elton prefers to snuggle in your arms while getting his bottle. And Marilyn is an active little lamb who loves human interaction. 

We found six of the ten lambs loving homes. The four healthiest went to their new home the day after their arrival. We will foster the other two until they are healthy enough for adoption. 

We planned to provide permanent placement to two of the ten lambs at Animal Place. Soon after their arrival, we doubled that number! How could we resist?! 

We are happy to announce that we will be welcoming four of the lambs as permanent residents at Animal Place. 

These rescue efforts would not be possible without you, our generous supporters. You helped cover the cost of their transport to California. Your continued support is now vital!

All donations go toward the care of the lambs, including feedings, cleaning, antibiotics, and any supportive therapy they need. If you can donate, please do so here. 

We appreciate your support and we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you.

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