Their Journey to Sanctuary

From the middle of the forest to a dairy farm,  our rescued residents come from a variety of backgrounds. Four beloved animals told us their rescue stories.

“I was born on a farm, where I was forced to get pregnant over and over, so that I could produce milk. I lived with a lot of other goats, who had to do the same thing. I was not happy. After 7 years, the farmers could not use me anymore. They wanted to find me another home. Then, I was brought to Animal Place, with my friend Espresso. As soon as we arrived, I knew life would be different here. Whenever humans come to visit me, it’s always to give me love. I really like getting my face and back pet..just in case you come visit– Belle, sweet goat

“I grew up with fluffy cow Azalea. She looks like an Oreo and doesn’t really like people. We lived together for 7 years. The family who raised us wanted to start planting grapes on the land we were living on. To make room for the grapes, they were going to get rid of us. Pretty rude. The daughter really loved us and wanted to make sure we went to a safe home. She called Animal Place and asked if we could live at the sanctuary. They said yes! Now we have been living here for over a year, and we couldn’t be happier. Azalea and I especially love when the humans come to give us hay cubes.“ – Daffodil, perfect cow

“3 years ago, I was abandoned in the middle of the forest. After being alone for a few days,  I heard some footsteps, turned around, and saw a human. I immediately started attacking the human’s ankles. This is my form of love. The human picked me up, and I thought I would momentarily stop pecking while she held me. Later that day, I was brought to Animal Place. Ever since then, I’ve been attacking most humans who enter the chicken barn. “ – Don Juan, fierce rooster

“As a piglet, I was living in someone’s backyard. I knew they were raising me for slaughter, so I had to find a way out. I escaped through a gap in the fence, into the neighbor’s backyard. The neighbors called Animal Control, and soon enough I was brought to Animal Place. When I arrived, animal care director Hannah fed me every two hours, and slept next to me to keep me warm. You might say, she’s my favorite human. Two and a half years later, and I’m still loving the sanctuary life.” – Bert, cuddly pig  

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