Three Baby Goats Arrive!

After a long drive up, three baby goats arrived to Animal Place yesterday, and we couldn’t be more excited! 

The three came from a dairy farm, where they were unwanted because they are male and cannot produce milk. Typically on goat dairy farms, males are sold for slaughter. They are often castrated without pain relief, and forced to endure a crowded and painful journey before slaughter. This particular farm ships male goats overseas (alive). 

But, these boys are especially lucky – not only will they not endure a horrific transport, they will not be slaughtered and eaten. They are safe and sound, thanks to Sale Rescue Ranch! Sale Rescue Ranch has rescued sick goats from this particular farm in the past, and were able to get 3 healthy goats released for rescue instead of slaughter. We worked with them to get the goats up to Grass Valley, to their new forever home. 

Many animals arrive to Animal Place shy, and scared, but these boys sure didn’t! Miles, Oliver, and Dante walked into their pasture calm and curious. They explored new smells, and sights, and of course nibbled on a few things! Though we have only known them for  24 hours, we’re in love. We can’t wait to watch them enjoy a life full of love, and respect at Animal Place. 

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