Tour of Animal Place

Meet the rescued residents who thrive because of you!

Pigs: Alysoun
Meet one of the 28 pigs who call Animal Place home! Alysoun was being raised for slaughter at a free-range farm. Born a runt, she was abandoned to die. An employee took her home, and she made her way to Animal Place. Alysoun is a wonderful individual, but was deemed useless since profit could be made from her. At the sanctuary, Alysoun is appreciated for her personality! You can find Alysoun cuddling, sunbathing and taking mud baths with her best bud, Bert!


Cows: Magnolia
Magnolia was born a twin to a male calf on a dairy farm. Exposed to his hormones left Magnolia unable to become pregnant, give birth, and produce milk. Sterile cows are sent to slaughter. Magnolia is one of the few cows to escape the industry. She lives with 20 other cows who graze open pastures. Magnolia is friendly and is the first to welcome a new cow to the herd.


Birds: Tiny Comb
In 2012, a farm in Turlock, California went bankrupt and left 50,000 hens without food for two weeks. We saved 4,460 hens, including Tiny Comb. She loves to nestle into fresh straw and loves grape treats! Tiny Comb lives among 303 birds: 10 turkeys, 8 guinea fowl,  286 chickens! Most of these birds are integrated together and form special bonds.


Goats: Miles, Dante and Oliver
Miles, Dante and Oliver are the youngest of 11 goats at Animal Place. Born on a dairy farm., their fate was to be sent overseas for slaughter. Luckily Sale RanchSanctuary stepped in and helped get these boys to Animal Place. The older goats enjoy watching the rambunctious trio jump on rocks and butt each other off their playground.


Sheep: Carmen
Carmen was rescued from a small family farm that uses sheep for weed abatement. At a few weeks old, she tripped in a hole and broke her leg. She was left without medical care for two weeks. The leg could not be saved and had to be amputated. Luckily, Carmen has a great friend at the sanctuary, Minnie, who waits for Carmen to catch up with the other sheep. The flock graze, sunbathe and sleep together!


Bunnies: Alfalfa, Sprout, and Celeste
Alfalfa and Sprout were dumped in a community park along with their siblings and mother. A passerby saved their lives. We took in two, while the others found homes. As Alfalfa and Sprout settled into sanctuary life, Celeste broke into their pen. Celeste can be aggressive with other rabbits, so we were overjoyed when the three became best friends. Thirteen rabbits call Animal Place home. Although they prefer cooler weather, they choose a friend to cuddle with, even when it’s hot!

– Stevie Walsh, Membership Coordinator

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