Turkeys Safe for Thanksgiving


Today is rough for true turkey lovers. More than 45 million turkeys were slaughtered for this day…but not these lucky six.

Today’s news should lift your spirit, in some small way. These lucky survivors were dropped off at our front gate in boxes. We wanted to wait to make sure they were healthy before we introduced you to them.

Meet Cypress…and Oak, Juniper, Pine, Cedar, and Persimmon. You can help care for them with a $10 donation toward their care!


It is clear they are from a large farm, where thousands of turkeys are confined. We know this, because of the mutilation they endured. All have been de-beaked, in which a portion of their nerve-rich beaks are severed without pain relief.

We know they were being raised for Thanksgiving slaughter – they are the weight and age at which turkeys in the United States are killed. Five months old. Only babies.


Donate $10 – or more – today. We will send you a link to download the photo of Cypress above. You can print it or share it on your phone with family and friends today. So often we try to be “the voice” of other animals…well, today, let Cypress’ story be your voice.

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