Mastering your Summer Vegan BBQ

Summer is around the corner and you may be ready to fire up your grill. Now’s the time for YOU to make a difference for animals AND the environment!

Why not throw a vegan BBQ?! Here are just a few ways to impress your friends with a plant-based grill! Remember, sometimes the way to people’s hearts is through their stomachs!

Click on any of the links below for delicious recipes. Better yet, give them your own unique twist! Comment your favorite animal-friendly BBQ tips below!

Mock meats

  • Impossible ground “beef” burgers seasoned to your liking! Don’t forget your vegan cheese. Daiya, Follow your Heart and Miyoko’s make wonderful cheese slices.
  • Beyond Meat Bratwursts
  • Hot dogs from Field Roast, Upton Naturals, or Lightlife. Toast those buns and don’t forget the vegan condiments!
  • Follow your Heart makes delicious vegan mayo. Most mustard and ketchup is already vegan.
  • Gardein Chick’n Sliders

Whole Plant Foods

Classic BBQ sides

This summer, think about what you eat and how you eat. What’s on your plate could save a life!

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