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Virtually sponsor an orphan

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Moms are rarely rescued in the sanctuary world. Families are often torn apart, leaving grieving mothers and orphaned young.

While we have been lucky to rescue a few moms (Rita, a pregnant pig who jumped from a truck on the highway), most of the rescued residents never knew their moms.

This Mother’s Day, will you be a “mom” and sponsor one of the orphans?

Your $25 sponsorship provides life-saving care and makes you a “mom”! Or, make a gift in honor of your mom or mom figure and send them an e-card with information on their new virtual family member!

Sponsor Cleo, who survived horrific neglect at a local feed-store. She was taken from her mom and siblings at a few weeks of age, and placed into a cage with much older piglets who attacked Cleo, leaving her covered in bite wounds.

Sponsor Shelby, who was taken from her mom immediately after birth. She likely fell off a transport truck, landing on the side of the highway where our volunteers found her.

Sponsor Belle, who was born on a goat dairy and taken from her mom right after birth. She too had her kids stolen from her so her milk could be sold for human consumption.

Sponsor Cypress, a turkey hen hatched in an incubator instead of beneath her mother’s wings.



3 Responses so far.

  1. Kathleen A . Brower says:

    Would like to consider sponsoring one of the residence at your sanctuary.
    I’d like to pay monthly for feeding and care of my sponsored friend.

  2. Luana Duncan says:

    I will sponsor one of you real soon! All sad how all of you were taken from your mothers!!