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Warning: 5 Adorable Rabbits Ahead

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December 19, 2014-

Thank you to everyone who donated! All the rabbits now have new holiday-themed names – Yuki, Jingle, Tinsel, Grace, and Sparkle Snowball. Your gifts were more than enough to get the rabbits spayed and all additional funds are going into the Rescue Medical Fund.

December 11, 2014-

Five brave rabbits are safe after life as victims of the research industry. The rabbits were legally pulled from an undisclosed research facility by the Beagle Freedom Project. We picked up the lucky bunnies yesterday brought them back to Animal Place to live in a deluxe barn with a beautiful outdoor pasture. We do not know how the rabbits were used…just that they are now free to live their lives.

We will have each rabbit spayed to ensure their lifelong health. Spaying reduces the risk of uterine infections and reproductive cancers. The surgery for each rabbit is $200.

Donations will be used to spay all five rabbits. Any donations in excess of the cost to spay the rabbits will go into the Rescue Medical Fund, which helps provide veterinary care to rescued animals, like these rabbits.

Click here to make a donation to provide care for these five bunnies. 

Meet the girls! The first two rabbits pictured are gregarious and more social. The last three rabbits photographed are shy.

Rescued Rabbit Rescued Rabbit Rescued Rabbit Rescued Rabbit Rescued Rabbit

Research Hurts
New Zealand Whites – the breed of these rabbits – are used in research because of their docility and gentle natures.

After rodents, rabbits are the most commonly exploited species used in research. Nearly 200,000 bunnies were used last year for research, testing, and teaching. Virtually all of them are killed – these five are truly fortunate and will go on to be ambassadors for other rabbits.

Not only is vivisection physically and emotionally harmful to the nonhuman victims, it is an imperfect system – more than half of drugs tested on other animals proved harmful or deadly in humans.

How You Can Help

First, you should watch this short, adorable video of the rabbits!

Look for the leaping bunny logo on cosmetics and health-care products. Companies with this logo have committed to using alternatives to test the efficacy and safety of their products. Or, look for products that explicitly state they do not test on animals.

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  1. Julie Sosa says:

    Thank you so much for rescuing these rabbits. The reason I became vegan was after seeing animals used in testing for cosmetics and household items. It was so cruel and horrible. Choosing cruelty free products is really easy and is better for us and the animals. These poor rabbits had to endure God knows what. I wish we could save them all. I give presentations on “Going Vegan” and the first thing I talk about is cosmetics/skin care products and going cruelty free and vegan with our choices. Thank you Animal Place for saving these beautiful bunnies. May we all go vegan with all of our choices and save all of the animals.