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Watch a Hen Dustbathe!

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Did you know that chickens stay clean and defend themselves against parasites by taking dust-baths? It’s true! Some birds use water (like pigeons), while others prefer dirt, like chickens. One of our super-heroine hens, She-Ra, shows you how it’s done. Two years ago, She-Ra lived in a cage so small, she couldn’t even flap her wings. She was exploited for egg production and faced death by gassing if we hadn’t intervened and saved her and 1,500 of her flock-mates.



4 Responses so far.

  1. Cleo C Slifer says:

    do not leave a water bucket on the ground a baby can drop into the bucket head first and drown

  2. April Silverman says:

    Let Stwiggy and her 4 friends have one litter each so they can forget the terrible, wrenching grief they experienced every time their babies were torn away from them and given to minks to eat. Let them be mothers once before you spay them. It would be cruel to deny them babies forever.

    • Animal Place says:

      There are too many rabbits in need of homes to justify allowing Twiggy and her friends to become pregnant. Then we would be in the position of having to find homes for additional rabbits who might be taking homes from rabbits facing euthanasia. Twiggy and the others are content and happy without babies and will lead enriched lives. We DO appreciate the sentiment – it is absolutely terrible what happened to Twiggy and her friends. That will never happen again, thankfully, and these rabbits will go on to live long, healthful lives without fear of being mistreated.

  3. Anita Magar says:

    Thanks for taking in these bunnies, I hope my small donation can help you get them spayed. How terrible, their babies were killed in order to feed other animals who were then brutally killed for their fur. Sometimes it is hard to not fall into despair, when we see how cruel humans can be to all other living things. And then we can look to your rescue as the beacon of hope that things will change for the better, one pig, one chicken, one bunny at a time.
    Thank you for giving us hope for a better world.