Welcome home, Honey and Babe!

Two special senior cows, named Honey and Babe, recently arrived at Animal Place! 

I don’t know about you, but I have a soft spot for senior animals. Honey and Babe lived in one home for their entire lives – twenty years! But when Honey and Babe’s elderly caregiver moved to a nursing home, her family planned on sending Honey and Babe to auction.

As you can guess, nothing good happens to animals at auction.

We did everything we could to find placement for Honey, Babe, and the other cows living with them. We found a forever sanctuary for five of the cows. But time was running out for Honey and Babe, who needed a home nearby to prevent injury from a lengthy transport.

And, well, Animal Place is only 40 minutes from where Honey and Babe lived! Because I knew you would be there to help, we said yes. 

Neither Honey nor Babe have received any veterinary care. All things considered, they are in good shape. However, they are covered in lumps and Babe suffers from a limp of her rear leg. 

Soon, Honey and Babe will receive their first veterinary visit! They will get health checks, vaccinations, and treatment for other medical issues related to their advanced years.

Throughout the winter, Honey and Babe go through ¾ of a bale of hay a day to keep them healthy and well-fed.

It may seem counterintuitive, but winter is when we supplement food for the cows. We may get a lot of rain, but you won’t see fresh, healthy grass until spring and early summer.

Both are settling in well. Honey is friendlier than Babe and enjoys when you come out and brush her. Babe is shy but curious. The two are inseparable – one is rarely further than a few feet from the other. I’m glad we can provide them with the forever life they deserve…together!

I hope you’ll help support Honey and Babe. Your donation will go a long way toward feeding and caring for these two senior ladies. Donations towards their care can be made here.

With compassion,
Kim Sturla
Executive Director


PS: All it takes is $25 to feed both cows for one day! And, donate $25 or more and we will send you your very own sponsorship card.

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