We’re Rescuing Chickens!

The time is here! We’re rescuing chickens in just a few days! 

This Monday, we are liberating 300 sweet birds from a battery cage egg farm. They have lived almost 2 years in a wire, metal cage. Their feet never touched the earth. They never felt the sun on their backs. They never flapped their wings or raced across a pasture. Soon, they will be free. 

The Animal Place team is excited, though this rescue does not come without its challenges. To name a few: 

  • The chicken barn at the Rescue & Adoption Center in Petaluma is finally up…BUT it has no water or power running to it.
  • We hired a manager for the property, but he started training two days ago!
  • We have not yet hired other staffing for the Rescue & Adoption Center. 

But, we’re making it happen. 

This will be the first group of lucky birds to step foot at the new Rescue & Adoption Center. Their stay in Petaluma will be short, though. They will be health-checked and tested for Newcastle. When results return, partnering sanctuaries will pick up their hens and the remainder will head back to Grass Valley where we prepared an open barn for them.

They will spend 10 days being cared for until they are re-treated for parasites and placed into pre-screened, pre-approved forever homes. Any bird who exhibits illness will remain at our sanctuary as permanent residents.

We will share photos and video of the hens when they get to Petaluma. I’m sure you will love seeing these girls fly free for the first time! (If you can’t wait, here’s a video from another rescue). 

How can you help? Follow us on facebook, and keep your eyes peeled for our livestream on Monday. We’ll show you the transport, arrival, and release of the birds! You can also donate to our facebook fundraiser, to help pay for supplies, transport, and medical costs. 

We can’t wait to meet 300 precious individuals, and share the experience with you! 

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