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Your help needed for Evelyn the piglet!

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Evelyn arrived terrified and needs your gift to get spayed, vaccinated, and treated for a painful skin condition! She is one of 250 pigs saved from a hoarding situation in Oregon. 

Evelyn’s mom is a survivor, which makes Evelyn one too. Crammed into a dirt lot with little access to food and clean water, Evelyn’s pregnant mom fought so that she and her piglets would make it.

After their rescue, the pigs went to an Oregon sanctuary for placement. 

Evelyn was born at the Oregon sanctuary. She and five other piglets will remain forever at Animal Place. 

And thanks to you, Evelyn will never have to fight for food, water, or a safe, warm space to sleep at night.

Your donation of $30 covers Evelyn’s treatment for mange, a condition caused by mites. These mites cause itching and ear infections. All six suffer from it.

It is hard to see Evelyn suffer. Sometimes she scratches so hard, she starts to bleed. That’s why treatment is so important.  Evelyn and her siblings need medication to stop the mites.

Your support makes Evelyn’s skin and ears healthy.

Evelyn and the other piglets will be spayed and neutered, which prevents cancer and reduces aggression. The surgeries are necessary for good health and to make sure there is no breeding at the sanctuary.

Your gift of $100 goes toward Evelyn’s expensive procedure. All six piglets will be spayed and neutered. Your gift goes toward the surgery itself as well as antibiotics and pain medications after. Your support is vital in keeping Evelyn healthy now and in the future!

Good fortune is on Evelyn’s side. She has you and your fellow animal lovers to help heal her and get her ready for meeting the adult pigs! 

Until then, Evelyn is on quarantine. Mange is contagious and care is needed to prevent its spread. For the next month, anyone who goes into Evelyn’s pasture or barn wears a disposable isolation suit. 

Your gift of $50 provides protection for Evelyn and the other animals for one week. It allows for caregivers to clean Evelyn’s barn and enclosure daily, without risk of spreading disease. 

And, it gives Evelyn a chance to get comfortable with people. You can tell she wants to interact with us. She slowly approaches and will even flip over for a belly rub. But her eyes are still scared. Behind the protection of an isolation suit, someone can touch and interact with. She gets braver every day.

You can see how much your gift means for Evelyn. You provide her with life-saving treatment for mange. Your support ensures she is spayed, which gives her a longer, healthier life. And you can keep her safe with a gift of an isolation suit for her caregivers.