700 Hens on the Road to Sanctuary

On October 20, 2021, Animal Place staff traveled to a pasture-based egg farm to pick up 700 hens. Whether farms use pasture-based, cage free, free range or caged systems, all hens farmed for eggs are eventually killed. This typically happens when the birds reach 1 1/2 -2 years of age. The hens’ egg laying declines naturally at this point, and so does the birds’ ability to bring in profit.

These birds were far luckier.

Rescued hens settle in at the Rescue & Adoption Center

Although they may not have known it, when 700 hens were gently loaded into Animal Place vans, they were headed to sanctuary. They arrived in the early hours of the morning to our Rescue & Adoptions Center. There, a team of dedicated staff and volunteers waited for them.

The hens received health checks and veterinary care as needed. They’ll undergo a two-week quarantine period before finding loving homes. These fortunate chickens have years ahead of them! Dustbathing, spending time with their flock, and being admired by their adopters for the beautiful birds that they are awaits them.

Any hens with special medical needs will likely become sanctuary residents for life. We will continue to provide them with any ongoing care they may need to thrive.

How can YOU help?

Lucky hen with Adoption Coordinator, Olivia

Donate: Your $10 donation welcomes one hen and provides her two weeks of care. You cover the cost of her feed, bedding, and care. After two weeks, she will go on to her forever home, all thanks to your support. You can donate here.

Apply to adopt: If you live in Northern California and can legally have chickens, you are encouraged to apply! By adopting hens and giving them a loving forever home, you help us clear space at our Rescue & Adoptions Center for future large scale rescues. If you can provide hens with a safe and secure environment for the remainder of their natural lives, apply to adopt here.

Written by Chelsea Pinkham

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